What We Do For You

The carousel at the right shows screenshots (with a few UML diagrams to keep things nice and techie) of systems we've worked on. We're happy to give you all the technical details if you're interested. Otherwise, the write-ups below will give you a high-level description of the kind of work we do.

We build sites that include data that is accessed and presented dynamically – from a back-end data storage system (i.e. a SQL database or NoSQL/XML like MarkLogic™).

We create elegant and efficient user interfaces (leveraging frameworks like Bootstrap and JQuery) to ensure the all-important user experience is very positive.

Sharing data and providing integration services publicly and/or to business partners is an essential business function.

We build secure, easy-to-use ReST components to access partner data and services that provide programming interfaces for your customers so that your business can work seamlessly with other systems through the internet.

We are NoSQL and XML experts. From schema development, to data validation and loading, to XPath queries, to complex transformation using XQuery and Java, we can handle your XML processing work.

We specialize in writing XML centric applications that use MarkLogic™ as a platform.